200 SW 2nd St
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

Let's all meet for a fun-filled night of, well, boozin' on a bus and touring some of the best drinking spots in Des Moines! The theme is "Flashback: the 90's!". Wear whatever fun (or perhaps not so fun) fashions from the 90's (the earlier, the better!)

The locations are still being determined (hopefully we can decide via voting), but we will start out at the High Life Lounge around 7:30pm.

The cost is $10 (to cover the bus service charge)

Space is limited so please RSVP!!!!


Subject: CAPTAIN'S LOG - itinerary

Hello boozers!

This is your Cruise Director ANYmAgus (twitter handle)
Anya, for everyone else

Our destinations are as follows:

7:30 Check In with the Cruise Director and get a wrist band
8:00 Board the Booze Cruise with your alcohol and leave the High Life Lounge.
8:30 Arrive at Southport Bar and Grill
9:15 Leave Southport and cruise to Carl's Place
9:45 Arrive at Carl's Place
10:30 Leave Carl's Place and cruise to Denny Arthurs
11:00 Arrive at Denny Arthurs
11:20 Do the Electric Slide
12:15 Reboard to head back to final port location
1:00 Arrive at El Bait Shop where we will drunkenly descend en masse
*This is the point where you should either have a sober pick up or call a cab 515-243-1111
Lets all get home safe!

High Life Lounge (no ATM, does accept credit cards)- silverstrike bowling, tangerbombs
Southport Bar and Grill (has ATM, does accept credit cards- dart boards, pool tables, jukebox, touch games
Carl's Place (ATM works sometimes, DOES NOT accept credit cards) dart boards, 1 pool table, juke box, buck hunter
Denny Arthurs (has ATM, DOES NOT accept credit cards) DANCEFLOOR BITCHES!!!
El Bait Shop (no ATM, does accept credit cards) buck hunter, food, hundreds of beers availible

*Please note that because we are starting at a bar with NO ATM you will need to have your $10 in cash before you come. Thank you and I will see you all on SATURDAY for FLASHBACK: THE 90s

DM (via Twitter) or Facebook message Pete or Anya if you have any questions!

Added by Peteness on January 15, 2009



One problem... I am going... but late. I may be too late. I want to go. I am working downtown till 10pish so maybe I'll miss the bus but find the after the bus part. This is a great idea.


I need this...OH GOD...i need this!


This is why Twitter is sexy.

You've made it sexy.

Sexy spelled like "B-U-S"


Looks like we have about 4 seats left open. Could the following folks please let me know if they will be bringing guests (and if so, how many)? Thank you!

We are gonna have a blast!!!

(wondering if i can embed html in the comments...)

  • Bryan Gruhlke

  • feddersensarah

  • Sir Loin


And how does one RSVP? And how does one know if there is enough space for him to bring his SO?


you can either post here or better yet, direct message me via Twitter @ twitter.com/Peteness. :-) Thanks!


I might join up later in the night. I have to work and do not know what time I am off.


Is there still room on the bus for one more? A friend of mine from out of town will be here & would like to go.


Bryan Gruhlke

My wifey is coming, but has actually signed up already.