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Perhaps the single most important evolution to how DJ’s perform in the last 30 years has been the introduction of computer-based DJing systems like Traktor, by Native Instruments. Rather than simply mix track after track, Traktor allows you to mix up to 4 tracks at once, engage in creative looping and sampling, perform in sync with live production platforms such as Maschine, and hold the most powerful effects at your fingertips. Take your DJing to the next level as Rich Media Institute and Native Instruments bring you another powerful workshop, “DJing with Traktor”.

Who this course is for: Aspiring DJs, club DJs, music producers, DJs who use other computer-based systems (Ableton, Mix Meister, etc.), and music lovers.

Course includes:

- Evolution of DJing (vinyl, CDs, computers)
- Advantages/disadvantages of computer-based systems
- Which Traktor system is right for you
- Programming with vinyl/CDs
- Organizing your music effectively
- Harmonic mixing, “perfect transitions”
- What’s a beatgrid?
- Detecting a track’s tempo/BPM
- Manual beatgridding (kick vs. snare debate)
- Setting up Traktor at home/at the club
- Troubleshooting 101
- Basic functions
- Using loops, adjusting loop size, mixing with loops
- Using hotcues to dazzle the crowd
- Playing samples live via hotcues
- Using Traktor’s massive amount of built-in effects
- Using midi-controllers to unleash your power
- How to sync Traktor with the Maschine

And more!

Official Website: http://www.richmediainstitute.com

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