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Ninja Tune legend DJ Vadim brings his superior trip hop back to Mighty

Time for some Russian Percussion

This all culminated in the very successful last LP USSR: Life from the other side (Ninja Tune 1999). The LP featured Co Flow, Scratch perverts,Iriscience(from dilated peoples), Blade amongst others and caused quite a storm in USA with the track ‘your revolution’ featuring Sarah Jones. This song was banned by the FCC (USA radio regulators) for explicit and provocative lyrics, despite Jones actually satirising the attitudes and words of the mainstream rap and r&b that could be heard pumping out of the radio every day. 

To promote that LP, Vadim put together a live group - The Russian Percussion - consisting of Mr thing(turntables), killer kela(beat box), Blu rum 13(mc), John Ellis(Keyboards) and himself. The response to the group was amazing and they performed together in over 600 shows in about 45 countries including most of Europe and North America.

Official Website: http://www.mighty119.com

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