570 West Huai Hai Lu
Shanghai, Shanghai


The "Godfather of HIP-POP" from Japan on his second visit to Shanghai after a great performance at Pegasus in 2005. Tickets 80rmb

After watching the film "Wild Style" in the early 80's, he was inspired, bought some decks and started to learn the art of turntablism. In 1987 he formed the Krush Posse which made numerous appearances as a group in late 1992 and gained recognition by becoming the first DJ in Japan to perform with live musicians. He released his first album "Krush," which started his presence in the scene and has since released five more. He has had recording contracts with Chance Records, Ninety Nine Records, Mo-Wax (he was the first Japanese artist to join them) Apollo and Sony/Columbia. He works internationally as a producer, re-mixer, DJ and recording artist and brings the unique flavor of the Japanese hip-hop scene to the world

Official Website: http://www.o2club.com.cn/cooldj/061220_dj_krush.html

Added by msittig on December 17, 2006



saw Krush in Chengdu, guess he's time is finally over as a DJ, the "the set" was about 65 min, i didn't see a structure in what he played, he seemed to be unprepared and not really care, so why should you?
Really disappointing, don't get me wrong i bought more than 25 tickets for me and friends and he still might be a good producer, but DJ? nope waste of time and money imo


That's what all the Shanghaiist commenters said too.

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