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Tom Withers, aka Klute, has been a fixture on the drum and bass scene for over ten years, lending his creativity to the likes of Hospital Records, 31 Records, Metalheadz and his early stable Certificate 18, responsible for releasing his first two albums, "Casual Bodies" and "Fear of People". In 2001 his own Commercial Suicide imprint was borne out of a necessity on Klute's part to control his own releases as well as provide a support network for the ever increasing new generation of like minded producers. So far the label has seen releases by Klute himself, Calibre, Total Science, Digital, Amit, Break and Silent Witness. Previous to this much lauded and rebellious electronic career, Klute fronted legendary Skate-Punk outfit 'The Stupids', an apt schooling for a producer with this unique level of eclecticism.

Klute has released three double-albums on Commercial Suicide so far (distributed by Breakbeat Science in North America). The first, "Lie, Cheat & Steal," included a second album titled "You Should Be Ashamed," which followed a techno blueprint with exceptional results. The second release, "No One's Listening Anymore," was more straight-ahead drum 'n' bass with several vocal experiments. 2007 saw the third double-album, "The Emperor's New Clothes," featuring some of his best work yet, including tracks like "The Struggle," the beautiful "Never Never," and the slow but brooding "174 BPM."

算起来大玩家Klute在圈中也已经横行了10年,而且真正地奠定了自己在Drum n Bass乃至整个舞曲音乐圈的地位。他最大的特点就是不拘泥于Drum n Bass的舞池规范,是少有的全能型人才。2001年,Klute建立了自己的音乐厂牌Commercial Suicide,至今发行了三张专辑“Lie, Cheat & Steal”,“No Ones Listening Anymore”,“The Emperor's New Clothes”,受到评论家和Club DJ们的热捧,“他的专辑是你按下PLAY就不会舍得让它停下的CD”之类的声音在各杂志和网站上此起彼伏。

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