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New York, New York 10014

After grabbing Great Britain by the balls and taking Europe by storm, David is preparing for his first full US tour including a drop back to Canada. The success of his mash-up Love Dont Let Me Go with Tocadisco's track state-side, means that Ultra Records in conjunction with Perfecto will be releasing a refreshed version of his Guetta Blaster album. Paul Oakenfold met David by chance when they shared a cab after a gig. The orginal of The World Is Mine came on the radio. Paul said how much he liked it and a flattered Guetta told him it was his production. Fast forward a few months and Oakenfold signed the album for release in the US, complete with his own downtempo mix of the classic cut - also with a killer rap from Sweetie Irie (the ragga voice on Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz). The album is released in America on March 20th. Paul has put together a brand new remix package of The World Is Mine for tougher tastes too. Dont miss!

Official Website: http://www.davidguetta.com/en/news

Added by miguelq on February 24, 2007