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Cambridge, Massachusetts

via mail to IDM mail list:

"Yes its actually true, the inventer of Boston Bounce is moving away from his beloved city to start a new third-coast chapter of Beat Research in Chicago. He has done so much for the musical fabric of Boston that it's hard to imagine the city without him. As a co-founder of the infamous Toneburst collective he helped bridge the gap between art-event and dance-party, and opened the ears of this rock-based town to the sounds of underground-dance-music. Since then he has released his own tracks on record labels around the world including his own acclaimed Mashit, done remixes for artists like M.I.A. and Gregory Isaacs, and toured the U.S. and Europe many times over. Still, it seems like he is just getting started. He's got a number of releases coming soon, including a debut full-length CD full of his patented ragga-bounce and grime-hall stylings. Come wish him a bon voyage and experience his masterful mixing style while you still can.

We're also psyched to have Kid Kameleon joining us for this special event. The Kid's like our gardien angel. He rocked the house for the debut Beat Research at the Enormous Room back in March of '04, and then he stormed the decks one year later at BR's first b-day party. It's only appropriate that he'll be on hand to usher DJ C out in style while he blends, chops, restructures and generally smashes rhythms from across the sonic spectrum."


Official Website: http://beatresearch.com

Added by Erik Mallinson on May 26, 2007

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