1645 Wilcox Ave
Los Angeles, California 90028

DJ Colette and David Alvarado Join the Bud Brothers Mick Cole and Freddy Be at the Monday Social, one of LA's longest running weekly house events.

Music/Style: House/DJ
Tickets: 10$ before 11pm, 15$ after
ticket info: http://www.wantickets.com
Rsvp info: [email protected]
additional info: http://www.budbrothers.com

Added by djdrue on April 6, 2005



What kinda house is collette spinning these days? Haven't seen her in 2-3 years. I was pretty fond of her voice but I didn't like the reverb effects she used live or the hard house she started spinning towards the later performances I saw. Maybe it was Angel Alanis rubbing off on her too much. ;P

Whoa, that's trippy. Just as I started to comment on this, Raul Campos finished spinning her (nice sounding) track on KCRW.

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