36-40 Edge Street
Manchester, England M4 1HN

Open to all, get involved in some do-it-yourself biology experiments!

The snails live! It seems that we’ve got a host of snail-babies in the Madlab tank, so it’s time to decide what our selective breeding experiment will look like.

We’re also hoping to have updates from Team Kit and Team Microbe about what they’ve been up to this month.

Dr Patricia Linton from Manchester Metropolitan University will be giving an introduction to molecular biology (i.e. the science of DNA) and a demonstration of some of the equipment used in professional laboratories, that we’re trying to make our own home-made versions of.

Everyone is welcome to come and join us for more sciency fun!

Official Website: http://crd.fm/Pf

Added by MadLabuk on August 23, 2011

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