420 Homer Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

From the eBusiness Connection announcement: "Join us at the launch of our new DIY Series as we explore the phenomenon that is podcasting. Find out what exactly it is, how it can benefit your company and, most importantly, how you can do it yourself! Local podcasters extraordinaire, Roland Tanglao and Robert Ouimet, will share their expertise along with case studies and highlights of who's who in the podcasting world."

Added by sillygwailo on January 10, 2006



Is there a fee or any other condition to meet to attend this event? And will it be recorded and available as and audio/video file for downloading?
5:30am. Ouch!



it's 5:30p.m and it costs $ unfortunately:
"Cost: $20 for NMBC members; $30 for non-members

Light snacks will be provided. Pre-registration required.

more info : http://www.newmediabc.com/events.asp "

See you there!