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Treat Yourself to World-Class Entertainment After the Hectic Holidays

December is a month dedicated to gift shopping, preparing for the holidays, office parties, and hosting friends and families at your home. After all the hustle and labor to make the holidays special and magical for all in your life, it's time to treat yourself.

Divine Performing Arts returns to the Bay Area with the New Year Spectacular January 5th, and presents Chinese culture as a sensory feast.

What unfolds before the audience are heroic tales from the past, melded with stories of honor and courage from our modern times -- all told through spectacular dance routines and hauntingly beautiful music. The New Year Spectacular is many performances presented as one, ranging from grand classical processions to touching ethnic and folk dances. All around are stunningly exquisite costumes, perfect harmonies of sound and movement, and an energy that draws the audience out of their normal world.

New Year Spectacular tours worldwide, and has earned global acclaim from all walks of life. Among the thousands of fans is San Francisco real estate agent Lee Myer, who said of the show, "So breathtaking, so exquisite, so different, I love all of it, I have never seen a show like this before." New Zealand Member of Parliament Judy Turner called it "enormously ingenious." And, from French actor Roland Cope: "The show is of top quality - it is extraordinary and full of poetry."

For more wonderful feedback from the worldwide audiences, as well as video clips and more about the show, visit www.SFShow.net.

New Year Spectacular is the perfect post-holiday treat for dates, groups of friends, and the entire family. The show is only in the Bay Area from January 7th to 11th at The War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco, and then from January 13th to the 15th at Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino. Tickets start at $30, with purchasing information at www.SFShow.net or by calling 888.JOY(569).2009. A special weekday discount of five tickets for the price of four is availble via phone.

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Official Website: http://sfshow.net

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