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Chicago, Illinois 60605

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Bonsoir mon ami, (I wonder how french roosters sound in the morning, all sexy or what?)

For many years, I existed in a profound wanton state of Gustatory Adaptation regarding all aspects of life; fostering a marked propensity towards mood-alteration created such a phenomenon. However, and more importantly, having corrected this torpid, insentient, state of being, I know find myself fatuously vexed by even the smallest flatulent vicissitude. Furthermore, present day, I am spatial-temporally suspended in a constant, fixed state of frenzied neuronal ecstasy that is beyond reproach. No longer does the platitudinous, inane, banality of my former life hold sway. I'm Alive!

Stricken no more...

Down with the Sickness ~ ewww wha ah ah ah,

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