614 Greenbrook Road
North Planfield, New Jersey 07063

You are invited to join us at the 14th game of Distant Mirrors "Prequels & Sequels"

Scholars of the World of Darkness know the year 1465 as the creation of the Camarilla at the Convention of Thorns. However, the insertion of dozens of timeswept Kindred has altered the "known past" quite a bit. With the repercussions that followed the last game, Thorns is now nothing but a small footnote in both Mortal and Kindred history. Frantic reshuffling to protect the future interests of all clans is now sending the Kindred Leaders to Wurms, Germany where the Tzimisce have vouchsafed Kindred of any and all clans. Many of the Kindred of Boston are now converging on this meeting, some with the hope of returning home. Others, however, are more than willing to time travel the old fashioned way, one night at a time, gathering power as only those with knowledge of the future can do. And, with such Power at stake, they will do whatever it takes to prevent a mass exodus back to the 21th Century.

Join us Saturday Oct 14th at the Fleetwood Museum. Registration starts at 4 PM and the game will run to 11:00 again. Price is $20.00, soda and snacks provided. See you there!

Official Website: http://users.rcn.com/distantmirror/

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