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One who will not be moved by the Sacred Utterances will not be moved by any utterances.” says an Ancient Tamil Proverb

Murugan Temple proudly presents a discussion on Thevaram and Thiruvachagam by Mr. V Arumugam also affectionately called as Senthamil Sivaneri Chelvar.

He is the founder of Socio Religious Guild in Tirunelveli, India and more importantly one among his greatest gifts and contribution to Sivaneri (worship of Lord Siva) is his transliteration of Thiruvachagam.

So please join us in celebrating this rare occasion where he gives a short discussion and introduction on both Thevaram and Thiruvachagam in Tamil and English.

So what is Thevaram and Thiruvachagam?

Thevaram (Theva = God & Aram = Garland) denotes the first seven volumes of Thirumurai (which is the twelve-volume collection of Tamil Saivite devotional poetry) sung by one of the Nayanars by the name of Sambanthar.

And Thiruvachagam (Thiru = sacred & Vachagam = Utterances) denotes the eighth volume of hymns sung by Manikkavacakar.

Official Website: http://murugantemple.wordpress.com/2009/07/25/discussion-on-thevaram-and-thiruvachagam-sun-jul-26th-at-1100am/

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