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Repositories for everything from ice-skates to (potential) soul mates, Internet-based list services have revolutionized how people interact in commerce and the social scene. With over 190 sites worldwide, craigslist.org is the most prominent web-based list to emerge over the past decade. And bettyslist.com, which caters primarily to the LGBT community, is making its own growing impact. Come hear from the eponymous founders of these two Internet giants. Craig Newmark and Betty Sullivan will discuss the role of web-based lists in the LGBT community and society at large. As these online forums become part of our everyday lives, are they achieving their potential? What about legislative attempts to impose restrictions on online content? And what do Sullivan and Newmark see for the future of their lists?

Official Website: http://www.commonwealthclub.org/mlf.html#NEWMARK%2FSULLIVAN

Added by raines on May 30, 2006