Basement of the Tavistock Hotel, Bedford Way
London, England WC1H

FREE ENTRY!- Just email your names to '[email protected]'

If you know the Disco Shed from the likes of the Big Chill, Latitude or Thames Festival, you’ll know that bootylicious party soundsystem beats go hand in hand with big-kid-turned-grown-up games and kitsch visual reminisce of when Lion-o meant more in life than vin-o.

Well Strike me down and Bowl me over! The Disco Shed is chuffed to announce our Christmas Ho-Down at central London’s home to merriment, Bloomsbury Lanes, where with the aid of an actual shed, the Disco Shed will be recreating all that it has become famous for in its natural festival setting. But the fun don’t stop there! Bowling, karaoke, table football and more are laid on exclusively for disco shedonists. And in the name of shedonism - all you need to do is email your names to [email protected] for free entry.

Shedlining is Wailers tour DJ, Count Skylarkin', with the shed’s resident Arthur Fowler- DJ BarryDark, our own Rockin’ Robin - Miss Splinters, and head of shed - Peepshow Paddy laying on the disco mash-uppery to ensure that those bowling slippers Transform into dancing shoes.

…and speaking of Transformers, Disco Shed’s VJ VGEM, will be projecting live visuals, while Bloomsbury Lane’s original ‘50s movie theatre will be abetting a stroll down memory lane, with screenings of your favourite cartoons and youf shows of yore, with the likes of Skeletor, Burt off Trap Door, Dangermouse, Schnarf, Stop it and Tidyup, Pat Sharp’s hair do, Bouncer’s dream, and Zippy, George and Bungle bound to appear.

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