302 Broome St
New York City, New York

people in black. rainbow people. tomorrow at happy ending.
Body: gays + goths = FIERCE.
happy ending tomorrow night.
let's get roofied.


so daniel was trying to help me get with this dude a long time ago, and
it didn't work out or something due to hella AWKWARD moments at the
apocalypse reunion. not going to talk about it anymore, however, the
following statement encapsulates our party. ya rly.

"Thursday nights... the best party in NYC. Let's get together over a
vodka drink with red food coloring in it and talk about how Jeralyn has
zero inappropriate photos of me. Yours ghouly, Sheal."


zachary [harry potter]
daniel [moral twilight]
sheal [asian horror]

free "darby crashes" so you can spread your germs later.

from the jobbers who brought you visions of the impending apocalypse and
Bat!Rabies!Death!Party! affectionately known as BRADP.

purveyors of the "Hottest room in NYC. HOT."

Added by chthonic on August 10, 2006

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