1895 Venables Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

In a world sanitized white who pays the price?

Theatre Terrific is pleased to announce their latest mainstage production, dirty white.

A reimagining of Ovid’s The Raven and the Crow, dirty white by Susanna Uchatius, is a sensual parable that sets the natural world against the purity of ideas; the physical against the heavenly.

In Ovid's tales of Metamorphoses, the gods indulge themselves in every manner of sensual desire, regardless of the consequences in our world. In dirty white a technologically plugged-in and remote God desires a young woman of our world, a desire with deadly consequences. A story that confronts the pure heavens with the dirt, chaos and love of our world, dirty white takes audiences on a journey that slaps the foundations of belief and asks “what are we doing here?”

In a world where we are sanitized white, where we communicate through electronic gadgets rather than human contact, what happens to our earthy natures and who pays the price? Greed, lust and jealousy drive this ancient tale that is revitalized for today.

Written and directed by, Susanna Uchatius, dirty white brings together a talented group of theatre artists including performers: Sindy Angel, Adam Lindgren, Christian Prohom, Manuel Schulte and Charlie Wilson.

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