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Dirty On Purpose:

Entertainment Weekly
Dirty on Purpose craft an '80s-sounding indie rock gem with the pulsing "All New Friends."

Born in Brooklyn, where art and rock are the litmus test (Is this art enough? Does this rock enough?), Dirty on Purpose's brand of sleepy, jangly pop snaked delicately through boy-girl duets is a welcome dash of perfume and fairy dust in a world of coolness and cramped apartments.

Spin Band of the Day: There is music that you have to be in a certain mood to listen to: You wouldn't want to listen to Andrew W.K. if you're in the middle of a wallow-fest. There is other music that is so powerful that it elicits its own mood, even when you're in no mood in particular. Brooklyn-based Dirty on Purpose's "Cheat Death" has this kind of potency: The lush, shimmering strings, soft, ephemeral voices, and truly affecting lyrics about a loved one's illness are enough to bring even the happiest camper to swift tears.

Dirty On Purpose, a fivesome of four boys and a girl out of Brooklyn, is a squeaky-clean and tight twee-pop outfit that betrays traces of Yo La Tengo, Sigur Rós, and Belle & Sebastian while managing to keep a cheeky, wide-eyed tone of its own... And considering the buzz they've already generated throughout the big bad city, these five tracks had better be a melodically delightful sampling of those to come.

Filter Magazine
Keep the beat simple, find the melody and don't over-think it. Let the guitars wander and play a bit in their fuzz, inhale deeply, and listen lightly as you tare straight ahead into the wild blue yonder... or your faux stucco ceiling. Dirty on Purpose evokes an early Yo La Tengo with more room for reverb. Best enjoyed with a soft couch and a smoke, toes bobbing to the hazy rhythm.

New York Daily News
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Time Out
Local five-piece Dirty on Purpose plays loud, grindingly melodic rock that betrays sweet, atmospheric tunes.

The Boston Globe
Dirty On Purpose has the best recent album title, ''Sleep Late for a Better Tomorrow," and they are, indeed, a dreamboat of a band. Their songs are slow-to-mid tempo, with subtle washes of fuzz guitar and a hint of menace. Reference point: Yo La Tengo.

Village Voice
This Brooklyn quintet likes the rock -- the kind that New Yorkers like Sonic Youth used to make. Tonight's show is the release party for their debut EP Sleep Late For a Better Tomorrow which sees the band very polished and lending themselves well in the studio. Hopfully they'll keep up their exploratory tendencies as they get ready for bigger things.

Emergency Music:

"Best Band in Boston, 2005"
-Improper Bostonian

"...a jangly indie pop ensemble that fall somewhere between Pavement and Spooon."
-Filter Magazine Online

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