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a brilliant performance! I saw Chris perform this in texas last year and was absolutely blown away.

see www.fremontabbey.org tickets page to buy in advance, this show may sell out. $10 advance, $15 door, seated, all-ages, may contain adult language, some standing room may be available.


“Award winning play about racism and the havoc it wreaks on the human spirit.”

**** [FOUR STARS] The dingy, poorly ventilated Players Loft would be an inhospitable venue for most plays, but it is perfectly suited to the dank inner landscape explored in Robert Schneider’s fertile "Dirt," a disturbing and original journey into self-loathing otherness. The riveting Christopher John Domig plays the febrile, highly unreliable narrator, Sad (short for Saddam), an Iraqi illegal immigrant who sells roses on the street, and who presents himself to the audience with an unsettling combination of abjection and menace. He is brutally critical of Middle Easterners and their supposedly pernicious effects on society, to the point of absurdity-—“A study shows that our urine is more pungent and smells more acrid than the urine elsewhere. That’s been proven. Medically. In the laboratory”—-but his humility is so extreme that it becomes a form of confrontation. Although Schneider’s darkly lyrical, "Notes from Underground"–esque monologue was written in German in 1992, its currency has risen with the recent tide of history. You leave feeling sweaty, shaken and soiled.—-Adam Feldman, Theater Writer


Dreck Productions is proud to present the US premiere of DIRT as part of the 11th annual New York International Fringe Festival. DIRT was the most performed solo show in the German speaking world in the last decade. Renowned German theatre magazine THEATER HEUTE awarded Robert Schneider best new playwright of the year for his play DIRT.


“My name is Sad. My name is Saddam. Actually my name is Saddam. Saddam is a first name, Adolf is also a first name, or Jesus.” He is an illegal immigrant from Iraq. He loves the English language. He sells roses to forty-year old men who buy themselves forty-year old women. He loves the American culture. He has never sat on a park bench in this city. He misses home. He loves life. And he wants to die. His name is Sad but he is not sad.

Official Website: http://www.dirt-nyc.org

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