77 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, Massachusetts 02139

Topic: Director, Flash, and Museum Learning
Speakers: Brad Larson
Date: Wednesday, April 12
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Cost: Free
Where: MIT Stata Building
AKA Building 32, on this map:
Room 32-124

How does a Director/Flash/Web developer adapt new technologies for use in 3-dimensional learning environments such as museum exhibits? Brad Larson
(www.bradlarson.com) has been a long-time Lingo (and more recently
Actionscript) developer focusing on uses of media that encourage social interaction and learning.

Brad worked as "Technology Developer" in the Boston Children's Museum from
1988 to 1998, and has since then formed a collaborative business serving museums across the country, from the Smithsonian's National Zoo to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and the Denver Art Museum. Awards for this work include the Macromedia People's Choice Award, Parent's Choice Gold Award, and "Best Museum Website" at the international MW2004 conference.

Topics to be covered will include:
--Connecting technology and current learning theory --Example projects that encourage museum learning --Using websites to change users' real-world behaviors

The session will conclude with a group discussion of new uses of technology that may encourage social/collaborative learning.

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Is this event open to the public?


Yep, it's an MMBUG meeting (http://www.mmboston.org/) and as far as I know, all their meetings are open to the public.