15-17 Middle Street
Brighton, England BN1 1AL

Hollywood film and top TV drama director Maurice Phillips gives a masterclass on everything there is know about directing actors for film and TV drama.

This is a must-go-to event for any fledgling director to get the most out of his or her cast.

In this one day workshop, Maurice will take you through the process of establishing a creative and collaborative relationship with your actors.

You will learn how to get the most out of a performance through rehearsals, how to troubleshoot poor interpretation, and how to give brief and incisive direction to the actor.

In addition there will be discussions in what constitutes a good performance, what actors need from a director, scene analysis, subtext, and the director/actor relationship.

There will also be practical demonstrations using a film camera and professional working actors of scene blocking and choreography for the camera.

Amongst the many actors Maurice has worked with are Clive Owen, Dennis Hopper, Gene Wilder, Richard Prior, Gweneth Patrow, Elizabeth Perkins, John Hannah, David Hemmings, Michael Fassbender, Trevor Eve, and James Nesbitt.

Official Website: http://www.brightonfilmworkshops.co.uk

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