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Are you ready for a living, breathing Dinosaur Encounter? Close enough to count the teeth! The Natural History Museum has recently become the new habitat for a 14-foot juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex and a 9-foot juvenile Triceratops. You can find them roaming through our very own North American Mammal Hall. The dinosaur appearances rotate daily, so please call in the morning to find out what time you can expect a terrifying T. rex or a tremendous Triceratops. But never fear, our juvenile dinosaurs are actually life-size puppets, fabricated by skilled artists with the help of NHM paleontologists. Each puppet is controlled by a talented performer, who help us to better understand how dinosaurs may have looked, sounded, and behaved. Expect to learn a lot about dinosaurs from our "Dinosaur Interpreters," as they try to wrangle a little dinosaur on the loose. You may even get a scare when one of our dinosaurs walks right up to you and your family! Please bring your cameras, because you won't believe your eyes.

Added by Upcoming Robot on May 7, 2010