67 Front Street East
Toronto, Ontario

West coast based web and community guy, photographer and barcamper Will Pate is in town and would love to go out to dinner with some TorCamp folks. Come on down after work for good food, big smiles and maybe even some good conversation.

Please RSVP asap so we can get a proper reservation size.

Official Website: http://www.willpate.com

Added by Will Pate on January 8, 2007



Welcome to Toronto, Will. This is great city, for sure you will have a great time here!


dammit, willpate, *this* time we will have beers.


Darren thinks it's weird that Will talks about himself in the third person.


I'll be over for a drink only. Having oysters with friend visiting from Japan - their distance trumps. But I shall try. ;)


Shame about the venue; C'est What? is openly hostile to groups larger than 4.


Sorry, I to have to back out - I am sure we will catch up another time!

Will Pate

Thanks to everyone who showed up!


I'm still looking for my rocket car...guess I'll have to keep on trying!


And of course I only find out about this on Thursday.