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Dig Me Out Group Show

January 13, 2007 - February 3, 2007
Opening reception: January 13 , 2007 (7:00pm - 11:00pm)

Free Admission
Bring in the flyer for a free gift
Music provided by luv-tek

The following 4 artists will be flying in from Japan for the opening reception.
Tomokyo Saeki
Teriyaki .

Starting January 13, 2007 Nucleus will be featuring new and originals works by 14 internationally commendable artists located around Osaka, Japan. Represented by the artists agency “digmeout”, Their works are intricately alive and evocative.

Often rich with fine detail, sensitivity and vivid colors, the work ranges from fine art, fashion, to luscious Japanese pop. All of it intrinsically enticing, and “eyewatering”, attributes which we have come to expect from contemporary Japanese art. DigMeOut has selected some of the freshest talents to represent their group in Osaka and provided us with nothing less to create one of the more alluring exhibitions to hit the LA/Hollywood artscene.

They have participated in various international charity events along with creating illustrations for Nissan, Mac Power, Elle Japon, banks and various types of graphical motifs. Dig Me Out is an art project lead by Osaka's radio station "FM802." It's purpose is to "dig out" new and promising artists to design stickers, and posters. Beginning in 2004, digmeout started collaborations and art shows overseas, making digmeout internationally known. Many digmeout artists are now enjoying this coverage. Come visit Nucleus as we host this memorable event.

Featured Artists include:

Chitose Yogi
Kazuko Taniguchi
Mari Kubota
Takeshi Nitta
Kazuya Taoka
Hajime Yoshio
Yugo Fujita
Siori Kawamoto
Tomoko Saeki
Teriyaki Tagashira


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Official Website: http://www.gallerynucleus.com

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