Hopkins Street (corner of Peter Street), Soho, W1F 0HS
London, England

Web 2.0 is forging a new business environment for creative business. The revolution we wanted in 1999 is here at last but now its happening, are we ready? Existing creative enterprises need to redefine themselves and find new ways of working if they are to fully exploit the opportunities in social media and user-generated content. We like to believe in a beautifully networked world where people communicate freely, any time, any place - but only if we can have a slice of the action. How can we seize back the initiative from citizen journalists and bloggers on the one hand, and media giants like Google and Yahoo on the other? Plenty of successful start-ups (Craigslist, Myspace and, indeed, Google) have had a sense of altruism at their core. What more could we be doing to help transform the web into a truly socially-enabling tool? And, just as importantly, how can we profit? Presented in association with Cass Creatives.

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Added by cubicgarden on March 9, 2006