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It is possible that 2010 will be remembered for a coalition government, student riots, snow, volcanic ash, bankers bonuses and wiki leaks. At a digital level Apple fans kept the faith and continued to upgrade, FaceBook passed 500m users, Twitter passed 150m users and Google made at least 25 acquisitions including :Blinetype, socialDeck, Slide, Labpixies, DocVerse, Widevine, Phonetic Arts, Planr, Quiksee and Like.

Whilst the biggest surprise was AOL taking control of Techcruch, all major technology companies were acquiring IBM (Clarity, storwize, BigFix, Intelliden, Initiate, Blade), Cisco (Linesider, extendMedia, MOTO, rohati), EMC2 (Lsilon, Archer) Oracle (atg, PassLogix) Microsoft (Canesta, AVIcode), Intel (Infineon,McAfee), RIM (cellmania, viigo, TAT), Nokia (motally), Apple (Siri, intrinsity) and HP (Palm, Stratavia 3PAR) to name a few.

Apple has also been acquiring and filed a load of patents throughout 2010 (some quite bizarre including the invisible button and oxygen level ear buds) but we have started to see the impending patent wars between the major players that will be regular news during 2011.

Therefore, why not at the beginning of the New Year, with business plans signed off and budgets set, come and hear views on technology and markets to discover and share you views on the trends that matter and that will shape our economics and strategy in 2011.

Come and hear what the trends are in 2011 around

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