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As the battle over where and from whom consumers will access their content escalates, digital rights management (DRM) looms as the 800-pound gorilla. Content owners have widely accepted digital rights management as a means of protecting their business models, but methods and technologies vary so greatly that the entertainment industry can't settle on a single solution - and threatens the growth of the digital home entertainment industry. The success of DRM will depend largely on its ability to provide a balance between copyright protection for content creators and ease of use for consumers. Simplification in the digital rights space - by way of the adoption of standards and increased interoperability - is the key to achieving such a balance. Does DRM succeed in damping the threat of piracy, or does it serve to lock consumers into a limited selection of playback choices? This forum outlines the issues surrounding the management of content in the digital environment from the various industry perspectives.



Note: All the panelists are either MPAA or DRM vendors, so don't expect a very balanced discussion.


FYI, this is a pretty slanted panel. It's composed of only content providers and DRM vendors. No consumer or public interest groups, so I doubt you'll hear anyone truly championing fair use.


Thanks for the tip, lawgeek! It helps to know this...