198 McAllister St.
San Francisco, California

There is some type of symposium on DRM at UC Hastings law school this Friday. There's almost no info online about it. It's in Room A of the 198 McAllister Street building.

I found this blurb about it at:


Mr. Nguyen's panel will discuss the current state of the law surrounding the use of digital rights management solutions and the anti-circumvention provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The panel will also focus on the issues related to interoperability and competition recently discussed in the Lexmark, Chamberlain, and Corley cases. Panel members will cover what facts should give rise to findings that a consumer or competitor has violated the DMCA in circumventing DRM, and what facts should give rise to a finding that DRM is being employed anti-competitively to support a defense of copyright misuse (or proposed DMCA misuse) or a counter-claim of violation of antitrust laws.
Other participants in the symposium include representatives from California Lawyers for the Arts, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the San Francisco Bay Guardian newspaper.

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I heard that Cindy Cohn from EFF, Annalee Newitz, and Tyler Ochoa from Santa Clara are speaking. I'm working on confirmation.

I guess there's some sort of technological measure effectively preventing access to the details.


I have details! From a real live flyer swiped from a real live Hastings student!

There will be two panels. The first panel will discuss the DMCA and recent case law interpreting the anti-circumvention provisions. The second panel will focus on policy issues and the impact of the current state of the law oin artists, programmers, and content distributors. Free MCLE credits to practitioners.

Panel 1:
James Nguyen, Foley & Lardner
Cindy Cohn, EFF
Margreth Barrett, Hastings
Tyler Ochoa, Santa Clara

Panel 2:
Russell Weiss, MoFo
Michael Ashburne, Cal. Lawyers for the Arts
Annalee Newitz, Writer
Susan Freiwald, USF

The event is 2:30-5:30, with a catered beer-and-wine reception in the Sky Room of 100 McAllister.