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Maintaining the long term integrity and accessibility of digital assets.

Organisations are investing increasing amounts of time and resources into digitally preserving information for future reference. However, many do not fully understand the potential risks associated with the long-term preservation and retrieval of digital material, nor how to proactively address these issues now for future risk mitigation.

With the threat of technology obsolescence jeopardising document storage and archiving efforts, organisations need to have an effective strategy in place to protect digital assets. It is crucial to address risk management and disaster recovery concerns and define an approach to managing “born-digital” documents, where no hard copies exist as back-up.

This interactive masterclass will provide key insights on how to:

* Define a strategic approach to the long-term preservation of digital records

* Employ classification schemes and metadata to maintain accessibility and authenticity

* Identify important aspects of legal compliance

* Establish effective disposal policies and processes

* Effectively mitigate risk and tackle the challenges presented by the rate of technology change

Official Website: http://www.arkgroupaustralia.com.au/events-c063_DigitalPreservation.htm

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