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Digital Media is booming, with new products and services in every niche and subniche. HDTV DVDs, IPTV, cell phone video, Ipod video, podcasting, videopodcasting, multidimensional podcasting, holocasting: the limits of creativity in this space seem boundless. There are startups all over town with new digital media ideas and products. The environment is like the "Wild Wild West" in Manhattan for Digital Media.

In the last NYSIA Monthly Meeting on Digital Media, we looked at standards and technology. This time, we look at STRATEGY. And the program is being lead by two of the best digital media strategists this side of Steve Jobs. Tom Watson and Jason Chervokas founded THE most influential and widely respected media outlet that exclusively covered the old Silicon Alley, "@NY". In more recent times, they have conquered the blogging world, commenting on politics, economics, media, and technology in their respective blogs, Tom Watson's Dirty Life and Times and "The Astounding Trickster!" .

Join Tom and Jason for an exclusive NYSIA tour of Digital Media, Past, Present, and Future.

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