317 SW Alder St Ste 500
Portland, Oregon

Digital identity promoter Scott Kveton will talk about his experience with OpenID and the future of digital identity on the web. He worked at JanRain (creators of MyOpenID) as CEO and helped it reach Business 2.0's list of Startups to Watch. Now Scott consults and speaks on identity and open source.

The meeting space (plus beer and snacks) provided by Jive Software.

Official Website: http://pdxwi.com/

Added by duvander on August 9, 2007



Just ordered a couple of pizzas from Hot Lips for us to snack on (vegan, veggie & meaty accommodated). We'll have beer & sodas of course to go with the pizza.


I seem to recall Jive having indoor bike parking. Can anyone confirm?


Absolutely! Jive has bike parking on several walls inside the office.


the two kevins did a great job. thanks for the presentation and thanks to jive for the space. it was my first pdxwi meet and i enjoyed it.