4/5 Elephant Road
London, England SE17 1LB

Opens at 9pm, and from early doors there will be screenings of
shorts, music promos and animations from the RCA in our sofa room, as well as live audio-visual action from Lo Tek/ Kentishgreen.com’s
Dialog, Minke and Bombay Monkey.

Here’s the final running order then!:

Room 1- Live/ Club Room

09.15-10.00 Dialog (Live AV Set)
10.00-10.45 Minke (Live AV Set)
10.45-11.30 Bombay Monkey (Live AV Set)
11.30-12.30 Shut up and Dance + VJ Parallax
12.30-01.30 DJ BarryDark + VJ Parallax
01.30-02.15 Liberation Jumpsuit (Live) + VJ Max Hattler
02.15-03.45 Plaid (Live/DJ) + VJ Dr Mo
03.45-04.30 Dub Kult (Live) + VJ Parallax
04.30-05.00 Tentonatom + VJ Parallax

Room 2- Lounge/ Bar

09.15-11.15 Digital City Film: Shorts, Music Promos and Animations
from the RCA
11.15-01.15 Soul Jazz Soundsystem (100% Dynamite) + VJ Dr Mo
01.15-02.45 Sparky (Solid Steel) + VJ Mach V
02.45-04.00 Remote + VJ Mach V
04.00-05.00 2 Mangy DJs + VJ Max Hattler

Cost: Email [email protected] for reduced guestlist entry (£7 all night) otherwise, £6 before 10.30, £9 after


Official Website: http://www.digitalcity.org.uk/

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