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Digital Advertising is still growing at an exponential rate; comScore continues to predict and benchmark the increased spending by advertisers and marketing in online advertising. Google’s purchase of YouTube has help to increase interest in video advertising. Widgets have been predicted to be the next great vehicle in online advertising, but will do they work? The Internet is the focal point that all media are looking to leverage. The digital landscape continues to change quarter after quarter, and marketers and advertisers need help to:

• Gain valuable knowledge and insights into emerging markets and trends
• Discover the best practices for online marketing and advertising
• Understand the habits of consumers online and how to know to reach them

Andrew Cherwenka, Vice President Business Development, Trapeze Media

How can widgets drive more business? Can advertisements and banner ads bring valuable functionality to your site? Learn how Disney applied this new solution to create their “First In Line Online” movie banner to drive immediate tick purchases and geo-target their audience.
Mike Sharma, Director of Interactive, Zig

Mike will share of examples of how advertisers are using video – traditional publishers such as CBC & new media publishers such as MSN and Google are moving towards driving consumers to video online. How does this affect advertisers? What are the benefits? Can advertisers and marketers create video content “that works”?
Chris Greenfield, Managing Director, Tribal DDB

Exploring the path of the digital consumer is the crystal ball into the future of advertising, digital and traditional. This session will look at the trends of the early TV generation and zone in on what’s pressing the “hot” buttons of today’s 18-24 digital consumers. By focusing on the consumer and not on the medium, advertisers have the ability to gauge the value of the next craze in digital advertising, and be ready for the future wave of interconnectivity demanded by the consumer.

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