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DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS [Melbourne, Australia]

Melbourne's Digger & The Pussycats are one of the city’s most exciting exports in years, having built a reputation both locally and internationally as a unique live performance that has to be seen to be believed. Combining a myriad of musical styles ranging from 60’s garage-punk right through to blues and party rock and roll, the band has won over audiences in both hemispheres through relentless touring and their prolific catalogue of releases. This music has seen the band hit the road in a big way, having toured Europe in each of the past 4 years, amassing close to 200 shows on the continent since their first trip in 2004. With Europe now well and truly conquered, the boys have shifted their attention across the Atlantic, with the USA now firmly in their sights.


"Woman, the band split international-playboy-style between NYC, USA and Mexico City, DF, and led by an able Australian—Beefheart splatter guitar over caveman rhythm section and split ursine vocals; sounded like Link Wray catching up to Black Flag, or something from Nick Cave, too... Coming LP should be good—too-sick rock from two sick cities."
--Chris Ziegler, The District Weekly


Swedish punk transplants led by Emma Viking-Skull!

Added by skeletonboy on September 10, 2007

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