444 Jessie St.
San Francisco, California

You have to register on Mosoki (web site below) in order to attend. See the aforementioned site for a description as well.

Official Website: http://mosuki.com/event?id=368904&s=digg

Added by jacksapathy on March 23, 2007



required reg to *both* sites to attend? lame. "open to all Digg registered users over 21 that RSVP -- sorry but that's club's rules." as if. what a celebration!


I don't think you have register with Upcoming.org to attend, just Mosoki. I just like Upcoming more than Mosoki (it seems overly complicated and restrictive, but maybe I'm too lazy to try and use it more). So I just figured I'd post it here.

Daniel Riveong

@VioletBlue: I'm not pleased with it either. The paranoid/cynical part of me think its a plan to create more Mosoki users. I'm sure it's not true - but paranoia did kick in for a few seconds.

And by the way , You Rock! :)


blegh ... a ploy to get more Mosoki users? Probably ...

Well I wish them luck in the increasingly crowded calendar / event space ... competition is good, but having to make sign up for more services annoys me.


For those who can't make it in person (like me), Justin.tv will be there, streaming it live. Oh goody! :-)


Just to clarify, it was 100% Digg's idea to use Mosuki for this event, and 100% their idea to require registration on both sites. Mosuki was happy to host the announcement of Digg's event on our website, but that's as far as our relationship with Digg extends.

-matt, co-founder of Mosuki