2600 E. Bayshore Road
Palo Alto, California 94303

This training will cover FDA requirements for labeling dietary supplements. It will show how you can avoid dietary supplement labeling claims by properly labeling your products for the US market per FDA requirements.

Why Should You Attend:

One of the most common citations made against dietary supplement companies stands in the claims made in labeling and marketing materials. Claims that pass a boundary for treating or mitigating diseases and conditions lead to a “new drug” label and a big regulatory headache.

This session will discuss how dietary supplement companies should label their products for the US market per FDA requirements, considerations to avoid claims, building regulatory compliance into company programs for development and launch of properly labeled dietary supplements. Attend this webinar to learn what claims are permissible, what constitutes a disease or drug claim, the implications of making impermissible claims and how to remedy challenged claims.

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