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Dieselboy at the Phoenix Landing

Added by Clampants on September 9, 2005



Real Name: Damian Higgins
Profile: A household name in the American Drum & Bass scene, Dieselboy has been around since its early inception, playing a key role in its expansion across the United States. From his early beginnings in 1991 as a radio DJ, Damian built his name through a selection of classic underground mixtapes In the mid-90's, Dieselboy continued his rise through the American DJ ranks, went to the UK to produce with Mark Caro and released two mix-cds for the Surburban Base USA label. 1998 saw Dieselboy continue his trek through the DJ circuit and his 'Sixeleven' DJ Mixseries Vol 1 CD. 1998 also saw Dieselboy tie with LTJ Bukem for Best Drum & Bass DJ at the Global DJ Mix Awards. He was the first American drum and bass DJ ever to be nominated, let alone win.

Aside from DJing, Dieselboy initiated Philadelphia's first 21+ Drum & Bass weekly entitled 'Platinum' which developed a strong underground core following until its conclusion in October 2004. Early 1999 saw Damian complete a North American tour with Technical Itch and the end of 1999 saw the release of his fourth mixed cd on the Moonshine label entitled 'A Soldiers Story' (which is selling more than any other Drum & Bass release in America, to date). Recent years have seen him take on singles on Island Records/Palm Pictures as well as his ambitious DJ mix/remix project "Project: Human".
URLs: http://www.djdieselboy.com/
In Groups: Dieselboy & Kaos, Weapon