345 4th Avenue
San Diego, California 92101

Well, the taxman cometh and if your ol’ pal Dick weren’t grumpy enough, now he’s gotta hand over fistfuls of his precious dough to Uncle Sam, but he’s waitin’ till the last minute to do it. And instead of wallowing in his sorrow alone, he’s inviting you to the Big Dick’s Extension Extravaganza! So get on down to Dick’s Last Resort on the big day, Thursday, April 15th, 2010 to celebrate, cuz Dick ain’t filed that tax-thing either! We know what a headache taxes can be, so ease the pain with a “W2dollar Kamikaze” and we’re all gonna anyway, so why don’t we get drunk and screwed with a “$3 Screwdriver”? Them fatcats on Capitol Hill ain’t got nuthin’ on Dick’s “$10.40 Pork Barrel Spending” (1/2 rack of Dick’s juicy BBQ pork ribs). We also got a yummy “Green Back Salad” (Dick’s Grilled Chicky Caesar Salad), “Fried Income Tax Credits” (dat be your deep fry’d alligator served with chipotle ranch fer dippin) and for you early birds, the “Uncle “Sam’which” served until 4:00 PM (build yer own chicky sammich) Get it “in the black”-end! Now with all them good eats and killer drinks, it’s sure to ease your sufferin’ a little, but Dick wants to liven things up a bit, so get in on the fun with a little game we like to call “Toss Yer Taxes”! Send your 1040 sailin’ for a chance to win $50 in Dick’s Hard Cash (No you can’t write it off). And of course, there’s live music from the Scott Carter Duo, so stick around and blow off some steam by shakin’ your booty all night long! Get down to Dick’s Last Resort to commiserate with the only guy who can turn tax time into a good time! For more information, call 619.231.9100 or just stop by in person at the Shame O’ the Gaslamp, 345 4th Avenue. Tell ‘em Dick sent ya!

Added by McFarlane on April 9, 2010

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