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You are warmly invited to a complimentary dinner reception in Dallas hosted by Human Factors International (HFI).

HFI's Andrew Schall will speak on:
"Gazing into a more usable design"

Complimentary dinner provided by HFI
Attendance is by advance reservation only and space is limited. Please register online:

Contact: Sheryll Ryan, 512.433.5916
Contact: Cone Johnson (local) conejohnson at gmail

User experience designers have an array of tools and techniques to help them understand how users interact with websites. Eye tracking complements these tools and offers objective insight into what people actually see -- and what they don't. Eye tracking shows how people move visually through a page and how long they linger on various spots. It's a powerful tool for developing an effective design that will engage your customers.

Used properly, advanced eye tracking methodology and analysis help you uncover specific usability issues in a highly targeted manner. You can see clearly why prominently featured product links can be overlooked, why flash banners are not always effective, and how other usability issues inhibit website performance. Eye tracking is also a key part of HFI's new approach to designing for Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust (PET).

In Andrew's presentation, you'll learn how eye tracking can help you:

- Get real-time design feedback
- Test visual hierarchy
- Compare different versions of a design
- Understand what attracts (or distracts) users
- Watch as users learn to use your interface

Special offer!
Be one of 5 companies selected to have free eye tracking analysis done at the event!

If you wish to have your home page evaluated, please contact us by Friday, August 8th at [email protected].

Hope to see you there!

Official Website: http://www.dfw-upa.org/

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