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There are some of us that will risk bleeding to death on the cutting edge of technology. Your local DFW Adobe guy, A.J. Wood is just such a person. As President of Media Cats, Inc., A.J. does his best to find all the cool toys for others to play with.

Come join us January 27th, when A.J. will attempt to showcase as many of the new features of Photoshop CS3 as time will allow. The new features in no particular order are:

  1. Non-destructive filters. Last year it was Smart Objects, Adobe now gives the Photoshop community Smart Filters. Smart Filters now act like Adjustment Layers and can be removed or changed at any time.

  2. Quick Selection Tool. Tired of the "Tragic Wand"? Can't seem to catch anything with your Magnetic Lasso? Come see what happens when Adobe decides to these two tools were meant to be together.

  3. Refine Edge. If you've ever painted on a channel, then you'll like what this command will do for selections.

  4. Vanishing Point 2. Improved features in the second generation of this filter.

  5. Auto-Align Layers. Any photographer that works with multi-bracketed exposures will want to see this new feature. Don't be silly enough to simply use this like PhotoMerge.

  6. Auto-Blend Layers. As if aligning the layers perfectly wasn't enough, why not let Photoshop create a nice blended layer mask for you.

  7. Black & White Adjustment. Go beyond desaturating a photo. Be cooler than the guy that uses LAB mode to make Ansel Adam style prints. This new adjustment lets you utilize the luminosity values of the RGB or CMYK channels to create stunning black & whites.

  8. Merge to HDR improved. Another feature for using bracketed photos. Improved with the Auto-Align feature.

  9. Curves, Brightness & Contrast, new Blend modes, the Clone Stamp gets a makeover

... folks one session might just not be enough to see it all, but you best be there on January 27th or you'll miss out on all the fun.

Following A.J.'s presentation on Photoshop's new features, Gene McCullagh will talk about the new features of the Bridge and Camera Raw in CS3. Users have asked Adobe for new features and Adobe listened! Bridge has retained all of it's power from CS2 and taken on more useful features and a whole new look!

Camera Raw is now in it's fourth generation and more powerful than ever! If you're a fan of Photoshop Lightroom you'll be excited about the changes in Bridge and Camera Raw!

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And you thought the holidays were over!

At our next meeting (January 20th), in addition to a great program, we will have a raffle for some excellent Adobe items!

Tickets are $1 each or 7 for $5. Any presenters present will receive 3 free tickets for each presentation done.

After our program we will draw for the prizes. One win per member (unless everyone has won something before we've run out of prizes). You must be present to win.

Good luck!


No - you're not imagining things. We had postponed our meeting which was originally to be held on the 20th - to Saturday the 27th. Same time and place. This was due to the numerous forecasts of sleet/freezing rain that was slotted for the 20th.

See you on the 27th!

All the best -