538 East 14th Street
New York City, New York 10009

Why wait for Halloween when we can start our horror rock weekend on FRIDAY! >:D

Hate in the Box! Saints of Pain!
Original Sin Hard Cider Giveaways!
DJs Paradox, Spaz and Thermanuke!
More free yummy hard cider!

As foretold by witch doctors of the Aztec tundra in the beforetime! In the year 2009 on October 30th a gateway of awesome will appear at 538 E 14th St in a city called New York. Fun seeking fantastical creatures from dimensions near and far will be drawn to meet there and, in a ritual of voodoo magicks involving much free Original Sin hard cider as midnight approaches, rock in Halloween 2009!

Contributing to this interdimensional epic will be the auditory evokations of The Saints of Pain and New York's own candy coated horror rock quintet Hate in the Box!

Invoking the musical mysticism in chamber number two will be guest DJs from the future Thermanuka, Spaz and Paradox!

This party will be up close, eclectic and eccentric!
Get the most out of that costume for Halloween weekend! This night is going to ROCK!
Official Site: http://www.hateinthebox.com

Official Website: http://www.hateinthebox.com

Added by sinnerkat777 on October 11, 2009