13 Magazine St
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

Dev House Boston is an event giving programmers and designers the opportunity to hack out something cool, in a day, and present it to lots of interested people. Inspired by Super Happy Dev House and Mash Pit, we aim to bring creative people together for one super-productive day. You can bring a team or find one. You can bring an idea or invent one. And at the end of the day -- whether you've got working code, page mockups, or just an elevator pitch -- you'll share your work with a group of people who know where you're coming from. There will be free wifi.

Sign up at http://devboston.pbwiki.com

Official Website: http://devboston.pbwiki.com

Added by jonpierce on June 5, 2008



free wifi?! i'm there!


Overlapping with the Euro 2008 Final match, but we will find a way to do both at once!


Arghhhh, realized I'm probably out of town that weekend. If I'm lucky, I might be able to catch the tail end at least...