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Course: Developing Mobile Applications with Android

Trainer: Kevin McDonagh
Creator: Diego Torres Milano
Date: 28-30, July 2010
Where: Skills Matter, 116-120 Goswell Road, London EC1V 7DP
Cost: £840.00 if booked by July 4th Sunday!
Use SM2135-623483-FJX in the Promo Code field in the online booking form

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Diego Torres Milano's 3 day course Developing Mobile Applications with Android provides a fast track to applications development with Android; the exciting new open source platform for mobile wireless devices.

You will first learn about Android fundamentals and the development tools and user interface that make this Linux-based platform unique, and will appreciate how easy it is to start developing and testing Android applications. You will also learn about the architecture and application framework that allows the reuse and replacement of components, key to the power of the Android platform.

You will then explore the Android APIs and Android resource management, integrating Google Maps into Android applications using location based services (GPS), and how to store and retrieve data. You will also be introduced to Android security and permissions management, an important topic to facilitate user data protection. You will also investigate Web Services and Web Application Development, essential technologies for development in today’s mobile environment.

The course concludes by highlighting the differences between Android and other platforms and describes a set of best practices for Android development.


* Understand the workings of the fundamental Android architecture, platform framework and emulator.
* Set up the development environment and run an application.
* Use the main components of Android APIs, the building blocks of the Android platform.
* Externalize and manage resources.
* Analyze and design an Android application.
* Use location based services for your application.
* Integrate the Google Maps interface into your application.
* Run and debug an application.
* Build connection, exception management and security into an Android application.
* Develop Web Applications/Services.
* Frequent Q&A sessions also take place during the course

Book Online:

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Official Website: http://skillsmatter.com/course/os-mobile-server/developing-mobile-applications-with-android/zx-988

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