2550 Garcia Avenue
Mountain View, California 94043


Wednesday, March 15, 2006
6:30pm - 8:00pm
(Refreshments served)

Developing Customer-Focused Products
The Tools and Process You Need to Be Successful

Do you want your products to wow your customers? Then turn your products and services into customer experiences. Come hear Ron Hirson tell you how. Ron is passionate about user experience and he and his team focus on the customer in all of their product management and product development efforts. He will discuss how to structure your team and processes to ensure that you do the same. Customer Experience or User Experience is not just a user interface or the GUI on the website; it is everything from registering on a website to calling the IVR to receiving a bill, as well as everything in between. Ron will share how to take special care to ensure every interaction, or touch point, with the customer is meaningful and a positive experience. The end result will be building products and features customers love and continue to use. Ron has a background in enterprise, business and consumer products and will highlight examples across industries and product types.

Key Takeaways:

* What Customer or User Experience is and why it is important to product development and product management
* Structuring your team and processes to ensure that you design around customer experience
* Tools to help you with User Experience design in your product development efforts
* How to use Customer Experience to drive your development efforts and build products that customer will love
* How to measure whether or not your company is effective in User Experience design
* Top 10 tips for improving User Experience design in your own company
Member/Non-member/Door: $25/$35/$5 more at the door.

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