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Why do some people seem to get all the interesting projects to work on, and be able to easily go from one project to the next?

Why are some people able to charge higher daily rates than others?

Julia Chanteray from The Joy of Business thinks that this is because these seemingly lucky people have been able to develop a great reputation in their area – they are desirable, hot property. She’ll be talking about how you can make yourself into hot property too, by developing your reputation for great work, and getting the word out about just how good you are. Julia will talk about how our work reputation is formed, why people think of us in certain ways, and what we can do to demonstrate reputation in the areas we want.

Julia has spent her life setting up and running different businesses and now helps other people to make money, do great work, and have fun while they’re doing it.

Official Website: http://www.thewerks.org.uk

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