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This financial reporting fraud detection and prevention training will analyze different forms of financial reporting fraud and will provide attendees tools to create and implement powerful/effective anti-fraud measures with in their organization.

Why Should Attend:

Organizations operating on the assumption that their existing ethics and compliance policies are sufficient to thwart financial reporting fraud are misleading themselves and risking debilitating financial and reputational loss. This makes crystal clear the urgent need for aggressive anti-fraud actions by management and the Board to build a culture and control environment that minimizes opportunities, pressures and justifications for committing financial reporting fraud.

This training on financial fraud will provide an overview of the common and not so common types of fraud committing in organizations and will also discuss who and how it is committed. It will help attendees to create effective anti-fraud methods that encourage their employees to do the right thing.

Attendees will learn proven detection and prevention measures that help their organization to better compliant with the policies.

Areas Covered:

- Statistical overview of the fraud problem generally, and T&E fraud specifically
- Who commits financial statement fraud?
- Case studies of employee fraud in an environment of poor anti-fraud “values”
- How financial reporting fraud is committed
- Red flags of financial reporting fraud
- Proven detection and prevention measures
Q & A.

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