1695 Polk Street
San Francisco Bay Area, California 94109

A new year, 2006, marks the return of Vancouver's Dan Bejar with his seventh full-length release under the moniker Destroyer. If there has been any precedent set or pattern developed over the previous six recordings in the Destroyer canon, it's that Bejar holds little regard for convention or expectations. Never one to rest on laurels, each successive Destroyer release always explores new sonic territories and ideas. Formed in 2006, Generation Swine is a tribute to classic Motley Crue that does not comprise any part of recreating the Crue experience.

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scraper has this wrong.

THIS is the band:


yeah, this is some kind of cruel joke.

Dan Bejar's destroyer is not playing the red devil lounge january 12th.


Destroyer (Kiss Tribute), British Steel (Judas Priest), Modern Day Cowboy (Tesla), Generation Swine (Motley Crue)