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What is it like to use a mobile phone if you've never used any technology like a computer, an ATM, or a remote control? How can you make a call on a mobile phone if you don't know how to read or write? How can mobile phones improve people's lives in areas where traditional infrastructure is scarce? We went to rural India to learn how people in these areas use mobile phones and how mobile infrastructure is impacting their lives. Based on our research, we have developed design principles and mobile phone interface concepts for emerging markets.

On May 28th from 6:00-8:00PM at Adaptive Path we will present the concepts we've created, and the findings from the primary research. Please join us for an evening of sharing and discussion about how design can increase the positive impact of technology on the lives of people in emerging markets. Panelist include: Rachel Hinman, Natasha Alani, rural India Design Researcher, Brian Cronin, Alexa Andrzejewski , and Rachel Glaves.

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