10 Gosta Green
Birmingham, England B4 7ER

If you've been reading tweets and blog posts from SXSWi with envy; or wondered why so few (if any) large digital events happen in the Midlands; or moaned that the big UK web design and UX conferences always seem to bypass Birmingham, now's your chance to change all that. The Interaction Design Association is seeking proposals from European cities to host its annual Interaction conference in 2012 http://3.ly/fZVZ .

The proposal format's not been released yet, but we thought we'd get a head start and have a bit of fun designing pitches for Birmingham.

With 'Bringing interaction 12 to Birmingham' as our design problem, we'll work in small groups to come up with ideas for making it happen and getting other people involved. At the end of the session, each group will present their ideas and sketches back to the rest of the attendees.

This is a casual, non-sponsored workshop. Meet at 6:00 in the Sacks of Potatoes for food and chat, then off to the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design at around 7:00 for the session. (We'll try and leave a contact number behind the bar for any latecomers, rather than have you attempt to navigate BIAD yourself.)

See you there!

Added by nicebrowncardy on March 16, 2010